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    Abortion is when a human is killed before he/she is born. This is due, almost entirely, to impulsive behavior and poor planning (which are about the same thing). I have trouble understanding why some people become so emotionally charged and often, violent, about this issue. I have read reports of people killing abortion doctors and bombing abortion clinics. I will attempt to unravel this mysterious behavior of humans.
    When it comes to abortion, only 2 people should have ire directed at them - the mother and father. It's their fault for not thinking clearly and having sex without considering the outcome. The abortion doctor is doing his job. The abortion clinic exists to make money. One must consider the point of view of the abortion clinic, which is guilty of nothing. If those people that choose to bomb abortion clinics, kill abortion doctors, and walk around with signs against abortion would only start to think, they would realize they are attacking the wrong people.


    If those that opposed abortion were capable of thinking clearly and truly vehement about the survival of fellow humans, then they would do the logical thing. If a woman wants to get an abortion, the opponents would take the woman in, care for her, and see to the birth of the child. They would then take care of the child for the woman. This is because they feel so strongly that abortion is wrong. If the opponents would not be willing to take care of the child, then their feelings are false and dangerous behavior unwarranted. NOTE: this solution was inspired by a quote from a science fiction novel:

"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent."


    If a woman is raped and becomes pregnant, then the child is not the product of poor planning. The woman should not be responsible for the life of that human because she was raped. Also, the "father", having demonstrated dangerous impulsive behavior, should not be allowed to raise the child. So, if a raped woman does not want the child, she can choose whether to abort the child or let it live.


    The reality of abortion is that it does not hurt my life, nor yours. In fact, I would argue that it's beneficial, since it cuts down on the number of humans, which will become more important as medical technology improves. Until we leave the planet, we will have to control the population by some means. In case you were unaware, the space available on Earth is finite. The space available in the universe is also finite, but the harshness of space would slow our growth. The issue of crowding is far more serious than abortion, because it will hurt you.

     Now, I'm going to justify why abortion could be beneficial. Very few people understand that the resources on our planet are limited. Our planet can literally be thought of as a spaceship, since we have a limited amount of air, water, food and space. It would be very easy for the population of humans to be so great that we would die in our own waste. This is pretty much already happening and explains why China allows couples to have only one child.
     When medical technology improves greatly, people are not going to die easily, if at all. Where will all those people go that aren't dying? Where will the food come from? How can we support a population that does not die? I would guess that future governments will make abortion mandatory or sterilize large amounts of people, so they can't reproduce.
     Right now, we can't really see this problem. Our population hasn't gotten to the point where we're all starting to starve. Once we realize we can't eat 3 meals a day, then we'll be forced to control the population by some means.


     Another way to solve the abortion problem is to starve the abortion clinics. This can be done through education. If people stop needing abortions, then the abortion clinics will cease to function. In my mind, there is no reason to directly attack in order to solve problems. I much prefer indirection, that is, identify the elusive source of the problem and attack from that angle. The reason why abortions happen is because the parents are uneducated. If they were educated, then they would've considered the outcome of sexual activity before tumbling. It makes no sense to educate parents in the teenage years. Rather, such education should start in grade school. All the costs and responsibilities associated with raising children should be well understood before one is allowed to graduate from 4th or 5th grade.


     As an alternative to the alternative, biologically enhanced humans, via biotechnology, could have sex without producing offspring. Using nanotechnology, I imagine it would be possible to annihilate each sperm cell. So there would be no need for pills or condoms. Well, maybe condoms, if diseases are still prevalent when biotechnology starts to radically change us.

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