Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Science Fiction of Doris Piserchia

     I have a stack of novels that I'm going to read and it represents the complete works (minus short stories) of Doris Piserchia. I can confirm beyond any doubt that she is similar to R.A. Lafferty. This is marvelous and I am thrilled to the point of busting a few neurons. Piserchia wrote 11 science fiction novels and 2 horror novels, using the name Curt Selby. These were all published from 1973 to 1983.
     I have found an interesting and antiquated website in which Piserchia's fiction is referred to as feminist. I have found other sites that classify it as feminist. I don't know why people usually refer to female writers that create female protagonists as "feminist", when it is nothing but a natural bias. All people have a race and gender bias, in which they are naturally preferential to, and view themselves as, belonging to a certain gender or certain race (skin color). I would expect a black man to create a black male protagonist; it would not be racist for him to do so. It would be his natural bias to do so. I would likewise expect a Korean to create a Korean protagonist, an Eskimo to create an Eskimo protagonist, and a female to create a female protagonist.
     It is thus of no surprise that Piserchia chooses to use a female as her protagonist, at least in the first two novels. I would expect her to do so, as I would expect a male to create a male protagonist. There is nothing in her writing that would conjure the word "feminist" in my mind. It's just really bizarre science fiction in the vein of R.A. Lafferty.
     Honestly, if public schools gave students Mister Justice, then more people would probably read. I remember being bored to the point of madness in high school, due to the required readings of so-called "important" or "classic" novels. Mister Justice is about a man that can travel through time, yet is unable to physically affect anything; he may only take pictures. Thus, he chooses to take pictures of unsolved crimes in progress in the past and apprehends the offender in the future. He ties up the offender and drops him off at a police station, with the pictures attached.
     I also want to mention that her work is OOP (out of print), yet cheap and easy to find on
     Here are her novels:

Mister Justice (1973)

Star Rider (1974)

A Billion Days of Earth (1976)

Earth-Child (1977)

Spaceling (1978)

The Spinner (1980)

The Fluger (1980)

Doomtime (1981)

Blood County (1981), using alternate name "Curt Selby"

Earth in Twilight (1981)

The Dimensioneers (1982)

I, Zombie (1982), using alternate name "Curt Selby"

The Deadly Sky (1983)

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