Monday, December 31, 2012

The Height of Humor


There was once a man that was the height of humor. Everyone would laugh when they saw him, because his height was too funny. A passerby saw him on the street one day.

"How did you determine the height of humor?"

"I kept growing until everyone laughed at me. I figured I might stop right there."

"That's amazing! So anyone can reach the height of humor? Can I?"

"Not just anyone. Probably not yourself. I don't find you funny at all."

"That's great! I still think you're funny, even if you insult me."

"I think you're an annoying bastard."

"Hahahaha! I love it! You are the height of humor."

"If I pop your head off, will you still find me funny?"

"Of course. It would be fantastic if you would pop my head off."

The man that was the height of humor grabbed his neck and squeezed. Pop! His head shot through the air. When it landed, he walked over to it.

"That was liberating. Thank you for popping my head off."

"My pleasure. By the way, I am amused."

"Really? I can make YOU laugh?"

"Of course. Your little head on the ground is the height of humor."

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