Monday, March 14, 2016

The Smell

Who knows what I was thinking....wrote this at least 15 years ago.


I found it in my basement and it did not smell good.

"I be the smell."

"My, you are a smelly one."

"Don't talk like dat to me, boy. I funna whip yo ass wit my maulikewls."

"How about if I open a window? You will shortly dissipate, and die. Better yet, I could build a fire and smother you."

"Aye, ye could. But I could drop ye dead before ye gots time to cover ye nose."

"If you kill me, you will cease to exist. No one will smell you, therefore, you must let me live."

"Don't be a playin' games with me head, mo fo. I goin suffocate yo ass slowly and persist a wee bit longer in this here yooneeverse."

I pinched my nose and stared daggers at the little bastard. The smell slowly crept into a corner and hid there, defeated. I spanked its ass hard and it knew it.

What a relief.

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