Sunday, October 4, 2009

Whiskers and Toonces

     Whiskers and Toonces were my cats. At age 12, my aunt Jane and uncle Fred found a cat near or on their property. She (Whiskers) was malnourished and less than 2 years of age. I knew Whiskers from my ages of 12 to 28, for 16 years.

     Whiskers was put to sleep in March of 2005, due to cancer in her right eye. Here's two pictures of Whiskers, taken on 8-10-2003:



     I knew Toonces from my ages of 14-33, for 19 years. Her kidneys failed in September of 2009 and she was put to sleep. Here are some pictures of Toonces, also taken on 8-10-2003:






     This last one of Toonces was taken on 12-23-2004:

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