Friday, January 28, 2011

Analysis of Love

  I had posted my theories of love in another blog (at a site I no longer use) and 179 people viewed my post. I have copied and pasted their responses below my theories...


The basis for love that males express towards females is actually sexual desire.


Women that are sexually attractive cause men to think about having sex with them. This results in agony if the act of sex is not fulfilled. The desire to have sex also makes a man think about a woman he wants much more. This extra thinking beyond sexual acts is interpreted as love.

This explains why a man can tell a woman he loves her after having known her for a brief period of time, such as two weeks. He interprets sexual desire as love and will desperately say anything to ameliorate the agony of unfulfilled sex.


The word "love" is socially acceptable because no one understands it.


As Richard Feynman pointed out, people prefer to talk about things that no one understands, such as weather. The problem with sex is that it is well understood, so a man must be mysterious with a woman and say "I love you", rather than "I want to have sex with you".


Love at first sight is simply immediate sexual desire.


Males vigorously respond to visual stimuli, so this is why they can "love" a woman without having ever talked to her, without knowing a single thing about her personality.

3 blog users agreed with me...

TessRB: Wow, the theory is correct.

zoe_tm_03: I seemed to agree...

annathology: I hate to say this...but you seem right.

One user quoted me and disagreed...

      Quoting justine4u:Love at first sight is simply immediate sexual desire. _ This is not love at all but LUST.

And I responded...

But lust can happen all of the time, even with men and women that are very familiar with one another.

What I was trying to say is that a man can "think" he loves a woman immediately by mistaking sexual desire for love. While this may also be referred to as lust, that same man could lust for the woman even after having had her 1,000 times. This implies that a man can continually lust for a woman that he claims to love, which contradicts the "first sight" uniqueness of lust.

On the other hand, a man can love a woman without feeling the need to have sex with her. In that case, sexual desire is not love. But actual "love", whatever that is. Some kind of emotional bond, currently understood by every individual but not defined by science.

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