Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gordon Eklund

As far as I know, all of Gordon Eklund's science fiction is OOP. It's neither expensive nor difficult to find his fiction, although it does require the use of ebay or abebooks. The reason why I started reading Eklund is because I read that his writing is similar to that of Michael G. Coney's. I can verify that that is correct.

I've read two of his novels so far:

The Eclipse of Dawn is his first novel and it's very smoothly written, with a huge focus on human interactions. I was impressed by the clear writing style and the consistently realistic interactions of the characters. This is not action oriented science fiction, nor are there spaceships or mind-stretching physics phenomena involved. This is a story about promises and wishful thinking. I would call this "psychological science fiction".

A Trace of Dreams has the same clarity of writing and focus on realistic human interactions, but the setting is not on Earth. In fact, some of the people are living in quite primitive conditions, despite the fact the cover art shows immense structures. This is his second novel and is a bit more ambitious than the first.

None of Eklund's short fiction has been collected together. Instead, they are spread out in magazines and anthologies. Unlike his novels, his short fiction is pretty damned difficult to collect. I've only collected about 8 of his short stories. I am dreaming of NESFA or Subterranean offering his complete short fiction in one mega volume.

If you like Michael G. Coney or don't require much action in your reading, then Gordon Eklund is for you. Just be prepared to bid on auctions or buy from used book stores.

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