Friday, January 14, 2011

More Good Korean Movies.

Here are some I've watched relatively recently (within the past year) that are excellent.

The first scan is from Thirsty, Thirsty. The original Korean title is Give Me Water. I've watched Thirsty, Thirsty 5 or 6 times just within the past year. It's a directorial debut and won the Best New Director Award in Asia. The story involves debt collecting and its intricacies, with more humor than is reasonable.

The second scan is from Plastic Tree. It is fortunate I have seen so many Korean movies. Before watching this movie, it is worth it to watch Plum Blossom and The Day a Pig Fell into the Well. I won't explain why, but you'll know why. I found this for $4 at the now defunct DVD From Korea website, and it was a bargain indeed. This movie completely blew me away. Don't worry about the cover; there is no possible way one can predict what will happen. This is an example of why Korean Cinema is numero uno.


This third scan is from Love Her. Not "Lover". But "Love Her". Wow, was this a masterpiece. If you want to see the complete psychological breakdown (the downward spiral) of a person, then look no further. A movie like this explains why some men say "All women are crazy.". I loved the soundtrack, too.

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